This Saturday, America honors and celebrates Veterans Day, and the service of the men and women who have worn the uniform, who have pledged to serve and defend the freedoms we hold dear. They are all heroes. 


However, when some Veterans return to the civilian world, they struggle.  They struggle to find living wage jobs. They struggle to access the benefits they’ve earned.  They struggle to support their families.Thankfully, this struggle is usually temporary.  Veteran families just need a helping hand while they work to get back on their feet.  And Feed Our Vets provides that helping hand. 


Our Veteran programs provide free food to Veteran and their families.  That food keeps them from having to choose between paying the rent and buying enough nutritious food to keep their families healthy.

Since 2008, Feed Our Vets has provided free food assistance to more than 20,000 Veterans and their family members, distributing 445,000 lbs. of food.Our mission is to help Veterans in the United States, their spouses and children, whose circumstances have left them on the battlefield of hunger, and to involve the public in fighting Veteran hunger. Please help us help these American heroes get through the tough times until they get back on their feet.  Make a generous donation to support our Veteran food programs today.  


Feed Our Vets Founders

Rich & Michele Synek


Thank you for your support!